Dylan (Dewey) Widick

I currently live in San Francisco, but I am from a small California town named Healdsburg

All my life I have played Basketball. Sports were my whole identidy, until now where I sit behind a computer in a dorm room, drinking a celcius, and eating a day old deli sandwich at 10am. My first name is Dylan, but all my life I've been called Dewey, courtesy of my older brother not being able to pronouce Dylan when I was born. I dont care if you call me Dylan or Dewey, whatever you want to say. My current goal for this semester is to be organized, punctual, and present.

I am creatively confined by my current capablities using squarespace, wix, etc. and want to learn how to create unique websites. HTML has been a thing i've wanted to learn for a while now, but have never been able to sit down and get it done. I knew that the only way I would be able to learn this subject would be by taking a class for it. So now I'm here, ready to learn.